Short Stack Productions was founded in December, 2013 by David Aponas and Owen Smith. David and Owen each have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film, Television and New Media Production with minors in Sound Design from the Queensland University of Technology. They have worked closely together for over five years on short films, music videos, web content, corporate productions and wedding videos. This close collaboration has led to a deep mutual understanding that allows them to work efficiently and creatively towards a common goal.

Short Stack Productions’ passion for scripted drama and comedy has lead to long running collaborations, resulting in a number of high quality short films, TV pilots and web series. Many of the short films have had international success, taking out numerous awards for audience choice, cinematography, editing and acting. Short Stack Productions continues to engage in projects of increasing scale and ambition, providing high quality equipment and services in all stages of production including cinematography, sound recording and a full post-production workflow.

Consider Short Stack Productions next time you have something you want filmed.


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